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Get to know ELMA365 better:
A low-code BPM software that helps companies innovate digital change faster and faster. And it allows you to automate every aspect of your business and develop organizational tools, and maintain a flexible workflow and design with custom forms and interfaces and a collection of users without custom code.

Creating task forms and processes is the right software? For jobs with 50-200 users, 1000-200 users and 1000-3000 users in the fields of industry, banking, retail, energy production, health, health, hygiene and telecommunications, suitable with ELMA365, you can deliver large applications to an organization. Give and do.
Things Without Things Without Programming ELMA365 applications are integrated and cover all your business needs: Customer Relationship Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management and Document Management (ECM), Project Management, Robotics Automation (RPA) And what is software installation more software? Based on the web, the cloud can also be installed on Windows desktops, Linux desktops, Mac desktops, Chromebook desktops, iPhones, Android phones, and iPads. Email support, FAQs, forum, phone support and chatting with the support unit. Personal training with educational videos. Does ELMA365 offer a free version? It has a free trial version. In what ways can the software be learned? You can also learn the software in person through webinars and software training documents and videos.