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“Voiro creates the technology needed to grow your business, so you don't have to put in the hard work. We simplify the work for media, operations and finance teams and make them more efficient and productive. We make faster and better decisions in your Enable teams with a Focused focus on data, and we gain insights from your revenue data, enabling teams to manage risk, find new revenue opportunities, and build stronger, more efficient businesses.
Best for media and entertainment companies, OTT platforms, ecommerce markets and content publishers.
This software is based on SaaS web and can run on the cloud, but does not have a version that can be installed on personal computers and mobile phones.
Software support is done through the Software Help section and email exchange with the software support section.
Software features include: Activity Dashboard, Temporary Report,
Alerts & Notifications, Calendar Management, CRM, Customizable Dashboard, Customizable Reports, Dashboard, Document Storage, Dynamic Pricing, Inventory Management, Key Performance Indicators, Customer Management, Mobile Access &
order management. Additional features include:
Sales path management, reporting and analytics, sales path management, 3rd party integration, workflow management and performance management.
Voiro simplifies your ad sales and ad workflow, giving you a single view of your total revenue. We help you make the best business decisions with accurate and real-time revenue data.
This software has a free demo that the user can use to test with the software and, if satisfied, purchase the full version.