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Visual Fitness Planner
Visual Fitness Planner
Visual Fitness Planner
Visual Fitness Planner

Marketing automation, sales activation and member management management for the fitness industry.
Customer production:
Improve customer production online with patented health risk tools and VFP Health ERA.
Health Package: Strengthen your business solutions with VFP registered health surveys and health health analysis.
Next Generation CRM: Improving Sales, Retention and Responsiveness
Digital guest registration: Eliminate duplicate data and improve customer engagement
Digital Sales Assistant for Membership Sales
PT Orientation: PT Sales, Orientations and more - are proven to increase member costs by up to 230%.
Digital Registration: Sell anywhere with integrated integration with ABC Financial, Jonas, Motionsoft, Club Ready and more. Soon! Merger and Affiliate - Ensure successful launch of every new member
Challenges: Motivational fitness challenges designed to improve member results and increase personal training education revenue.
Lead spin enhances online designation and interaction with VFP patented health hazard/health tools.
It's easy to run a Facebook Lead Spin Style contest on any club web page.
All online customers automatically populate your VFP+ system and integrated billing provider.
Tour and PT tablet solutions serve as digital sales assistants for membership, PT, orientations, and more.
VFP staff Mobile Tablet Tour improves member sales through proven presentation system
The T-3 Tablet Tour equips sales teams with tools to enhance on-site team training.