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Villanett ERP
Villanett ERP
Villanett ERP
Villanett ERP

Villanett is a cloud-based ERP with office management (sales, telemarketing, customers, CRM), accounting and payroll.
This software is based on SaaS web and can run on the cloud, but does not have a version that can be installed on personal computers and mobile phones.
This software is taught to users through face-to-face and online training services. The user can also learn more about how to work with the software by reading the educational documents with the software.
This software has a free trial version that the user can use to test with the software and, if satisfied, purchase the full version.
Software features include: customer relationship management, financial management, human resource management, inventory management, order management,
Reporting, analysis and supply chain management.
Cloud software: always online 24 hours a day. You do not need to install.
Control your entire business: All your branches and offices across the country are connected online.
Fast software: A special configuration for your system that ensures maximum server and database performance.
Compatible with your business: we can adapt the system to your business as much as possible.
Wherever it's available, use it in the office, when the salesperson goes out, when you're traveling, in another city, at home.
Fully comprehensive system: a single system to control all your processes with real-time information.
Easy to use: strong and easy to use system instantly and without complications.
Reduce your costs: Stop spending on extra computers, software licenses, network administrators and worry about technology.
Access with different devices: use it with Windows, Mac, laptop, tablet, iPad.
Maximum protection of your data your data is safe and backed up, prevents data theft and alteration.
In compliance with tax regulations, updates provided under the new SAT regulations.
Improved decision making: Now see updated reports for better decision making.
With Villanett you have a complete ERP cloud management system with many features that give you more modern technology and easy to use than you expect.