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Cube is strategic planning software that automatically syncs source data from your technology stack to your spreadsheets. Optimize your scheduling workflow in Excel and Google Sheets by reducing manual data transfer and the risk of human error.
Financial professionals using Cube can tell the story behind the numbers faster than ever. This software gives you the flexibility and simplicity of Excel with control and scalability
This software is suitable for North American SMBs and FP&A teams who want to simplify their spreadsheet workflow.
Cube is web-based SaaS and has the ability to run in the cloud, it can also be installed and run on PCs with Mac OS and PCs with Windows OS. Software support is provided through the help section of the software and email exchange with the software support section.
Cube users learn to work through face-to-face and online training services. The user can also learn more about working with the software by reading the educational documents that come with the software. Software features include: "what if" scenarios, access control/permissions, ad hoc reporting, budgeting/forecasting, consolidation/aggregation, dashboard creation, data import/export, data visualization, drag and drop, cost management, financial analysis, forecasting, income and balance, multi-company and multi-department/project.
The additional features of Cube include: income statement, real-time data, scenario planning, strategic planning, and version control. Speed ​​up your FP&A. Analyze, plan and collaborate quickly and confidently. Without changing workplaces. Run business every day from where you live, the spreadsheet.
Experience targeted FP&A functionality with the convenience of Excel and Google Sheets with Cube. Streamline manual data, reduce errors and focus on software so you can make smarter business decisions in a fraction of the time. The software moves at the speed of your business, so you can easily schedule whenever you want. Automate and control at the click of a button.
With Cube you can access data from a spreadsheet, making it easy for anyone to use and adopt. Validation, user control and an audit trail give you peace of mind that your data is correct, secure and in place.