Personalization of Ecommerce and online marketing

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CDP brings Ecommerce and Marketing Automation to the next dimension  A CDP system generates ultimate customer profiles

A Customer Data Platform makes online communication personal

All customer data in one solution


Progress:  360 degrees view of your customers

Innovative tools


Progress:  Complete actionable  customer profiles

Ultimate personalisation


Progress:  Higher conversion and more customer loyalty 

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Online personalization is the #1 standard

We guide you to the best Customer Data Solution Efficient, professional and  independent

Let the identity and behavior of your customers determine relevant, personal communication and offers

Put  your customers first!

Independent, professional CDP-selection-support

We link expertise in Ecommerce and Marketing Automation to system knowledge and objectivity

CDP Solutions helps with personalization of the customer journey.  Boost your business with a  CDP system that matches.


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There are over  200 different  CDP solutions. We help you choose, implement and activate your new  Customer Data System.