Total overview CRM software provides basis for efficient selection process


This week went live. It has been a long time in the making, but the experienced CRM Community members have provided insight into the complete international range of Customer Relationship Management software. 

Total overview CRM software

New customer and search behavior places high demands on the CRM software that entrepreneurs use to extract maximum value from existing and new customer relationships. CRM solution providers continue to innovate; their offerings are more diverse than ever. This makes the selection of a new system challenging and time-consuming. Save time and better substantiate the decision-making process? The community offers concrete tools.

But haven't I had a CRM package for years? The chance is indeed high. But consider what has happened in the field of marketing, sales and customer relations management in recent years. Think, for example, of advanced customer data analysis techniques and the revolution in Artificial Intelligence. Or the capriciousness of consumers who follow unexpected paths to make the most of their moment. Most CRM software of the first generation is woefully behind. Upgrades and system enhancements often do more harm than good. Starting over takes courage, but it pays off.

Latest generation CRM software crucial in customer battle

SMB or large company, Customer Relationship Management tools are indispensable to keep the battle for the customer efficient. In addition, taking and pampering existing customers pays for itself faster than generating new business. And that customer is demanding. Anyone who is not visible and approachable 24/7, via all conceivable channels and means of communication, online and offline, will soon lose credit with customers. Unless you have a truly unique proposition, which no competitor can match, it quickly becomes 'someone else for you'.

From smartly automating sales and promotion campaigns to systematizing touchpoints to lubricate and optimize customer relationships, the capabilities of modern CRM software have advanced significantly since the introduction of the first generation CRM solutions that were introduced in the world some 30 years ago. their simplest form came on the market. Since then, that market has developed and expanded considerably. With the rapid rise of Ecommerce and multichannel retail as a driver. From large and highly reputable software houses to idiosyncratic niche players, each 'brand' has its own place in the CRM vendor market.

Don't miss out on opportunities!

The market is complex and quite diffuse. Finding your way in the global, highly differentiated offer takes a serious effort. As a result, many entrepreneurs miss opportunities. The launch of opens the way to capitalizing on new opportunities with objective information about and a complete overview of CRM software providers that are currently active. The overview is also continuously updated and expanded. Additional presentations, independent news items and professional blogs provide additional tools to find your way smoothly by substantiating the wide range and the final selection with facts.

Concrete handles and professional support

As an independent source of information and comparison tool, is relevant for all multichannel entrepreneurs who are about to seriously automate activities that need to take customer relationships to the next level and for entrepreneurs who are reaching the limits of their existing CRM environment. The product presentations and reviews offer concrete handles for an investment that is in line with strategic goals and can be well integrated into existing technologies.

In addition to providing up-to-date knowledge and a total overview of CRM software, the community offers professional support in various decisive stages of the selection process. Think of support in analyzing company-specific needs, drawing up a program of requirements and compiling a shortlist. Experienced IT and Ecommerce experts also offer a helping hand with contract negotiations and implementation guidance. The initiators of know the market and the suppliers and have a lot of experience with digitizing complex multichannel processes.