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Vizrm enables sales managers to visualize organizational and personal relationship data from CRM systems. VizRM helps users understand customers and malls with prospects and decision-making committees to better improve sales and development strategies. Features: Pipedrive Organization Cards, Pipedrive Related Organizations, and Pipedrive Organization Cards.
The best for B2B marketers, account managers and customer success
This software is based on SaaS web and can run on the cloud, but does not have a version that can be installed on personal computers and mobile phones.
Create beautiful organizational cards. Easy editing by dragging and dropping. Create charts with existing or new contacts. Fully integrated with pipedrive. Visually visualize related organizations. Easily connect organizations by dragging and dropping.
Software features include: infrastructure, basic graphs,
Drag and drop editing, pipedrive integration, related organizations, people creation and editing, UX improvements, customizable features,
Autosave, improved searches, basic reports, basic offers, improved collaboration, user management, social media plugin and
Network diagrams.
This software is taught to users by watching educational videos on the site.
You will use VizRM a lot to manage your stakeholders and customers graphically, very easily and intuitively.
Vizrm will help you if you need an easy way to visualize organization maps in Pipedrive.
Virzm makes it easy to visualize complex and large accounting organizations. This helps understand and target customer initiatives.