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Virgil – PMS
Virgil - PMS
Virgil - PMS
Virgil – PMS

Software to help hospitality businesses create custom pricing, manage entry and exit, store customer interactions, and generate invoices.
Virgil is a modern, fully web-based management software that can be accessed via PCs, tablets and smartphones, all you need is an internet connection.
No need to install any software on your computer or mobile or tablet
is not. Our PMS facilitates property management: real estate agency, hotel, bed and breakfast or any kind of accommodation.
Virgil has completely replaced the more expensive and outdated paper management and helps you to manage accommodation facilities in a complete and intuitive way.
Custom Quotes: Save time by creating email quotes directly from Virgil. Add each quote to a customer and track the number of quotes from your admin panel.
Online check-in and check-out: Check if the scheduling is really fast and intuitive. You can also ask your customer to fill out a form and sign up for them, which is already made for mobile. You have the option to automatically send an email after the customer pays.
CRM: Thanks to Virgil, you can make a history of each of your users and the emails exchanged. Plus, you can keep reservations and notes - your success depends on your customers and prospects. Virgil lets you know and use your customers' information in the best possible way.
Abandoned Quote: Virgil allows you to convert a suspended quote to an approved quote.