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Tatakoa CRM
Tatakoa CRM
Tatakoa CRM
Tatakoa CRM

What is Tatakoa CRM?
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution that helps businesses simplify sales operations and connect with prospects.
CRM in Colombia with unlimited users, customers, registration. No monthly or annual sales and business management fees.
This CRM is a business strategy.
This software puts the customer at the center of the company's processes and practices and offers a unique opportunity to generate customer knowledge that is difficult to achieve in other channels.
In addition to being able to generate a lot of added value, it also helps you to create a significant competitive advantage.
Even a low success CRM implementation is a positive return on investment.
The benefits of our CRM in Colombia to your business are so great that you should see the return on your financial investment until you only achieve part of your goals.
With one payment you have unlimited users, unlimited customers, unlimited registrations, process automation, unlimited reports, integration of your current mailbox, 360 degree view of your customers and dozens of other benefits.
A powerful CRM solution combined with an intelligent customer strategy can dramatically improve your bottom line and quickly cover the initial costs of technology.
Increasing productivity is directly related to the automation of critical processes and the speed and convenience that technology brings to staffing tasks.
Productivity gains are also related to more efficient communication with customers and timely decision making based on real-time analysis.
The sale of science is not accurate. Tatakoa CRM in Colombia helps you achieve better results with more agile methodology and better management of sales activities.