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Smark CRM
Smark CRM
Smark CRM
Smark CRM

What is Smark CRM?
Customer relationship management software to help businesses manage contacts, support services, communications, marketing, customers and more.
Everything is ready to accelerate your sales.
A solution with the best CRM practices and a fully structured sales process.
From sale to after sale. Manage the entire sales and after-sales process in a highly customizable CRM with a focus on index-backed management.
Get the best results with features that accelerate and build your sales force.
Integration and efficiency between marketing and sales departments: tools that allow building a vending machine build an efficient, repeatable and scalable process.
A complete and up-to-date picture of the company and indicators for your decision
Smark CRM brings efficiency and agility to your business management process: intuitive dashboard, individual and team sales funnel, sales targets, visits and calls, operating expenses, relationship history, visits, phone calls, emails, calendars and tasks monitoring. In addition to complete after-sales management, with a CS-oriented relationship - customer success - and opening up new opportunities at the base.
The benefits of implementing this CRM are enormous. These include increasing revenue from working more efficiently in managing business opportunities, increasing sales and retaining customers. Having good sales CRM also helps you better understand the unique characteristics of your customers so you can create more effective sales strategies that target profiles that show more engagement with your value proposition. Finally, CRM tactics also allows you to reduce costs because you can focus your actions on opportunities with the most potential closure. A good CRM will help your company manage its actions and strategies in an integrated and long-lasting manner, enabling continuous improvement in results.