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Identify AG-VIP MORE: A customer relationship management solution with smart tasks and appointments, predefined caller, email marketing, production and in addition to the mobile version. 

Is this available? English, German and French languages are available software using the user interface allows users to enter and export data and schedule background work. Providing information according to your needs and the tasks of your delegates designed by data data can be easily imported and exported . All functions necessary for addressing address, e.g. duplicate search, automatic post-coding evaluation, etc. are integrated.

In AG-VIP software, the caller is automatically identified. So you can get all the information needed for the efficient conversation. Make a call directly to highlight an email address and start your email directly with this address. Which business is the right software? This software is one of the best small and medium business options. Using this scheduling platform, creating a customer on the one hand and communicating with the customer on the other hand is easily accessible to users and sales team. 

What is the installation of the AG-VIP software? Software has the ability to install on PC with Windows Operating System, Windows on-Dreamise, Linux On-Premise Mobile with Android, iPhone and iPad and iPad. Is the free version available? Does not provide software for the software? Contact, report and analysis, popline management and work management.